Exploring Ohiopyle State Park in southwest Pennsylvania

My name is Samantha, but most people call me Sam. I decided to begin this online adventure for a few reasons: to have a place to go to relive some of the amazing experiences I have had, to get another chuckle out of some of the mishaps, and to hopefully pass along some insight about things that I’ve loved, and hated, about those times and places.

I’ve been thinking about documenting my escapades for a while, now. For me, it’s a great way to keep everything in one place for times when I want to reminisce.

Right now, my idea of reliving my travels consists of hours of scrolling through a Google photos account… not the best use of time!

I got a late start in the world of travel, compared to a lot of you out there. I grew up in rural Western Pennsylvania (one of the reasons for the name, PA on Pause) and rarely left the county I was born in, let alone the state. I had never visited a state that did not share a border with PA during my childhood.

As I grew up, I learned more and more about the world’s wonderful places to experience. (Cheesy, huh?) So, as a high school graduation gift to myself, with a lot of work and fundraising, I was first bit by the travel bug.

I traveled to Italy and Greece with a small group of students and teachers from my school. I had hardly been out of the state before, let alone another country. I had definitely never been on an airplane! Go big or go home, right?!

What followed was a 15 day whirlwind. I was hooked.

Fast-forward over a decade to life today. Settled in Northwest Pennsylvania along Lake Erie, I now work as a Physician Assistant (the other half of the PA on Pause).

My professional work life does not currently afford me the ability to travel more than I work, so I’ve had to be creative in planning. I’d like to be able to offer inspiration and tips to help make the most of the vacation days you have!

I’ve traveled in groups and solo in the past. For the last 8 years, though, I’ve had a great travel partner, Mike, who is up for just about any activity.

Backpacking in Isle Royale National Park

We really enjoy adventures and are always looking for ways to get outdoors.

Adrenaline-pumping activities, hiking, and backpacking our favorites.

Many of our city trips center around catching a sporting event (usually baseball or college football), enjoying a local craft brewery, or finding a “foodie” hidden gem.

Hiking Sky Pond in Rocky Mountain National Park

We’ve planned and enjoyed countless long weekends away and hope to inspire you to get as much enjoyment as possible out of your PTO, while still being able to pursue professional passions.

Our areas of expertise are National Parks sites and travel in the states surrounding the Great Lakes of the US. There are so many hidden gems and lesser-explored areas to discover, and we’re here to help!

Here’s to a lifetime of adventures!

Mike & I in Central Park, NYC

Little by little, one travels far.

JRR Tolkien

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