Gear We Love

We’ve done tons of testing and are always looking for great gear to make our lives easier out in the backcountry.

Mix budget with function. We certainly don’t recommend buying the cheapest gear just because it’s cheap.

You don’t necessarily need the most expensive on the market to get the job done either. It’s all about balance!

Caring for Your Gear

We’ve certainly made a few mistakes in gear maintenance.

Learn from our mistakes! From cleaning a soggy turned moldy tent to sprucing up those camping chairs after a season of heavy use, we’ll help keep your gear in top shape.

Keeping your gear clean, especially when storing in the offseason, is vital to extend its life & maintain peak performance!

Staying Comfortable in the Outdoors

It isn’t always comfortable out there! When temperatures rise or fall too much, there are some things you need to know to stay comfortable (& SAFE!) out there.

In addition to temperatures, you’ll want to plan for other elements and wildlife!

A great camping trip can be ruined by nasty mosquitos. Make sure you have the best repellents and gear!