Naturehike Cloudup 2 Review: Firsthand Experience

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It’s time to hit the trails and go for a hike! Just getting started, or looking for a new tent? While you’re packing your gear, don’t forget to include the Naturehike Cloudup 2 tent. This reasonably priced backpacking tent is sure to make your outdoor adventures much more comfortable and enjoyable because of its ease of use and lightweight packability.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this tent so great. First of all, the Cloudup 2 is made with waterproof and breathable fabric, so you can stay dry even if it rains. Plus, the mesh wall panels provide excellent ventilation, in hopes that you won’t overheat on those hot summer days. And best of all, this tent sets up in just minutes – perfect for after a long day of hiking! So what are you waiting for?

Naturehike is a company that has been around since 2010, and they focus solely on developing outdoor gear. Their developers are said to be outdoor lovers as well, who want to create durable and lightweight gear to help you get out and explore more easily.

Naturehike Cloudup 2 Backpacking tent at a campsite on Isle Royale National Park without the rainfly
Naturhike Cloudup 2 without the rainfly, ready for stargazing in Isle Royale National Park

The Goods

Unpacking your Naturehike Cloundup 2 tent should be pretty easy.

In the packaging, you should find everything you need to have a successful camping shelter.

There should be a footprint, a tent body, and a rain fly. You’ll find the poles for the tent are all connected in one piece, so it’s next to impossible to mess up the setup. There are also tent stakes to tie it down in inclement weather. The rainfly is easy to throw on when rain is expected, but it can be folded away if you don’t need it. The tent has a mesh upper, which during good weather is great for late-night stargazing.

The Naturehike Cloudup 2 is considered a lightweight backpacking tent and is a 2-person tent. Backpacking tents do run small in size, so keep that in mind when considering which option to purchase.


At the time of posting this tent is selling for $119. When compared to many other similar-sized tents on the market, this tent is quite reasonably priced, and so far has held up very well. While there are a few negative points that we’ll bring up later, that certainly wouldn’t deter us from purchasing this tent again.

If one of the negatives sounds like a dealbreaker for you, we’ll try to give you an equally as great alternative to consider.

campsite set up among the Allegheny Front Trail
Naturehike Cloudup 2 with the rainfly on the Allegheny Front Trail in central Pennsylvania

Where to Buy

The Naturehike Cloudup 2, as well as other sizes like the Cloudup 1 and 3, and other Naturehike tents can all be purchased on Amazon. That’s the best place to purchase this tent because of the ease of returns and the quick shipping.

Click to purchase your Naturehike Cloudup 2 Lightweight Backpacking Tent.


The Naturehike Cloudup 2 setup is so easy. One person can easily set this tent up on their own in 5-10 minutes at the most. With 2 people, this tent can be set up in just a few minutes.

Begin by laying out the footprint and then spreading out the tent on top, lining up the metal rings. Take the pole next and after extended, secure each of the ends in the metal rings on the footprint and tent, making sure that the longer legs are on the door side. Then, clip the hooks on the tent to the poles. If you plan to use the rainfly, throw that over next, secure the buckles on the sides, and use the stakes to fix the system to the ground.

You’re done!

Durability and Materials

There are 2 different materials that you can choose from when selecting your Cloudup 2 tent. It comes in a 210T Polyester or 20D Nylon. The nylon option can be a little bit lighter, but it stretches and sags when wet. The polyester will hold the shape better during rain and is said to be a little less waterproof. 

We use the one made of 210T Polyester, and we have had absolutely no issue with leaking during even heavy rains. Everything that we’ve kept inside the tent walls during these storms has stayed dry during multiple rainy backpacking trips. 


The 2-person Cloudup tent weighs 4.6 pounds, according to the packaging. We’ve found this weight to be very accurate to include every one of the tent components. You could probably cut a few ounces with some of the stakes, etc. if you must make it lighter, but 2.3 pounds per person for a sleeping shelter is a totally reasonable amount of weight to plan on carrying.


This tent is not spacious, but that’s not the primary concern for most users considering this tent. The sleeping space measures  82.7 inches by 49.2 inches. This gives two people a strip of space to sleep in that is about 2 feet wide. There is space at the feet to bring some gear inside, and there is a small vestibule where more gear can be stored under cover but not completely inside the tent. There isn’t a ton of headspace or wiggle room once inside the tent for 2 people, but it is certainly possible to make it work.

The Negatives

As with many backpacking tents, there isn’t much wiggle room to move around once inside, as we have already mentioned. If you’re planning to use this for 2 people, you’re going to get very cozy. There isn’t much extra room for us, and we wouldn’t consider either of us large humans.

For those who are taller, with broad shoulders, or who just like to move around a little, we’d recommend sizing up to the Naturehike Cloudup 3. You’ll get an extra couple of inches in length but nearly 20 inches in width by upsizing. The three-person tent version does add 1.3 pounds of weight, though, which is something to consider when gathering items for your pack.

Also, if you plan to hike and camp with your dogs or other pets, upsizing to the Cloudup 3 will allow for more room to bring them along.

Would We Recommend It?

We think that the Naturehike Cloudup 2 is a great fairly lightweight backpacking tent. It has been durable for us over multiple shorter backpacking trips. The ease of setup is a major selling point for us, as is the weatherproof nature of this tent.

We’ve been caught in heavy rainfall multiple times and have always woken up to dry, protected gear inside the tent. For the cost, this is a great “introductory” backpacking tent that, when cared for, can last for quite a long time.

This tent is considered a 3-season tent, and we’re not winter warriors, so we can’t attest to its cold weather use. As a 3-season option, in our experience, this tent will keep you dry, even in heavier rain.

It’s also worth noting that the CloudUp 1 is a smaller version of this tent that is made for sheltering one person. 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and easy-to-setup tent for your next hiking or backpacking trip, the Naturehike CloudUp 2 is a great option. We highly recommend this tent, especially for novice hikers and backpackers who are just starting out, but the Naturehike brand would suit most needs. This lightweight two-person tent has been tested and proven to withstand some rainy and windy weather conditions, so you can rest assured that you should stay dry during your outdoor adventure. Don’t miss out on this awesome tent as a great piece of starter gear to get you out on your next adventure!