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Have you been a camping enthusiast for a long time, or have you just developed a newfound love for the outdoors? Well, if you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for something to make the experience either easier, more enjoyable, or both! This list of outdoor and camping gifts for couples should give you a few great new ideas.

Many of these are products we use so frequently that we couldn’t help but pass along the recommendations.

We also absolutely love outdoor accessories that are easily packable. Trying to fit huge, clunky things into a small vehicle is not the best way to enjoy getting out in the outdoors. Hopefully, this list of camping accessories will include a few things to enhance your outdoor and camping experience!

Here are some of the best ideas we can recommend for 2022. Included on this list are both budget ideas and a few splurges, too.

Without further ado, here are some of the best outdoor and camping gifts for couples in 2022!

Gifts for Couples who Enjoy Car Camping

While these gift ideas may be useful in other situations, they could be a lifesaver in some of the unexpected possibilities that come along with car camping.

Be prepared for that unexpected and unwanted breakdown or any other situation, too!

Portable Power Station

Looking to get out and explore, but want to keep some of the capabilities of home? Things like charging an electronic device or powering a fan can be difficult to do in the outdoors.

This Dewalt portable power station connects with USB devices for easy charging. With this, you’ll never have to worry about being out in nature without being able to listen to music or charge your electronics!

We’ve also tested it with things like a small crockpot for chili or buffalo chicken dip in the cold, and the crockpot was powered for hours.

In addition to providing power, it’s a great emergency road trip companion! Included in this jack-of-all-trades device are a small air compressor to inflate a flat tire and jumper cables to jump-start your vehicle without any other assistance.

Packable Camping Chairs

Camping chairs are one of the most essential pieces of equipment you need before heading out on a camping trip.

The key to picking out the right chair is finding something comfortable, sturdy, and packable. There are so many options available that you’re sure to find one for your needs!

If you’re looking for a great option that packs down small but still provides comfort and stability, then this packable camping chair might be perfect for you! This ultra-lightweight chair can fold up into an ultra-compact size, but it’s easy to set up when needed for use.

Stay off the wet or cold ground, and always have a spot to park yourself after a day of exploring out in the forest.

Packing Cubes

Are you big on keeping things organized? These Osprey packing cubes are perfect for keeping clothing and personal items separated and organized. Camping is one of the most difficult times to stay organized, and small spaces only increase this difficulty

That’s where these packing cubes come in! There are different sizes for different needs. Get them in two colors, one for each of you. That way, you’ll never be confused about whose items are whose.

We love our Osprey products. Everything has been durable and functional, from these small cubes and accessories to our large packs. These cubes are ultra-lightweight so they won’t add much weight or size to your packing setup.

Packing cubes will help take some of the hassles out of packing and keeping organized. They’re so helpful to separate the clean from the dirty, or any clothing that gets wet.

Whether you prefer backcountry camping in a small tent or hammock, car camping, or campground life, these cubes certainly will make organization a breeze.

First Aid Kit

Safety, first! You probably have a first aid kit thrown in the back of your car or at the bottom of your pack, but how old is the stuff in that thing? While this could be a gift for any situation, it is important, so we’ve kept it close to the top!

First aid kits are always a practical gift, and they definitely need replenished or even replaced every once in a while.

Why not get them something that’s more than just a bandage, anti-bacterial ointment, and a couple of small travel medicines? Honestly, these supplies are easily forgotten about, so the reminder is great, too.

This first aid kit includes everything you would need for the outdoors – All contained inside one bag! Use this to pack less and lighten your load, so you can enjoy your adventures more.

Outdoor Couples Gifts for the Backcountry

Do you prefer to get out into the backcountry and enjoy a different pace as a couple? These gifts will help make the experience more enjoyable.

Solar Powered Lantern

Another must-have item for exploring the outdoors is a solar-powered lantern. These are great because they don’t require much in terms of storage space or weight. This particular lantern only weighs 3.2 ounces! It is collapsable and folds down to save a ton of space!

As long as it’s sunny during the day and it gets fully charged, these lanterns are sure to provide light for about 8 hours on low power.

We particularly love this lantern because it’s bright, but it does offer three brightness settings for whatever needs may arise. Use the dimmest to conserve power! It can also be hung up from a hook or net inside your tent.

In case of a really cloudy day or forgetfulness in leaving this lantern out to charge, it can also be charged via a micro USB port last minute prior to a trip or during a stopover. While you won’t have access to this in the backcountry, this lantern can function in nearly any situation.

Hiking Socks

Who doesn’t love a pair of cozy socks? The best socks for outdoor adventures are breathable, moisture-wicking, and comfortable. Coordinate your socks with some of these great options.

These socks will keep your feet happy and comfortable through long hikes, short walks around town, or a day of sightseeing. There are a ton of options out there for what type of fabric you want in your hiking socks. Personally, we’d say merino wool is where it’s at!

Check out these ones from Darn Tough. They’re durable, comfortable, and come in a few color patterns in both women’s and men’s sizing.

Although blisters are not 100% preventable in every situation, a good pair of socks will go a long way in helping you prevent a nightmare situation for your toes.

Insulated Beverage Holder

Water, coffee, tea, or adult beverages? Whatever your preference, these Hydro Flask bottles can hold it. They are also really good at holding temperatures, so there is a good chance, that your liquid will be still hot (…or cold) by the time you reach your first campsite.

Even on a multiday hike, fill up in the morning with a beverage and expect the same temperature when you decide to consume midday.

There are plenty of color and size options, but we’d recommend the smaller size for most activities and the 64 oz. option for longer ventures into the great outdoors.

Leatherman Multitool

Everyone exploring the outdoors should have a good multitool at their disposal. Whether you’re an avid hiker or camper, this Leatherman Multitool will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Leatherman is an extremely well-known and reputable brand. They’ve been making tools for years, and are known to have some of the best quality. This is why they’re number one on Amazon’s list of multitools, too!

They’re perfect for unexpected situations that come up when exploring the outdoors together – whether that be you need to tighten your tent tie-out or cut some string off that’s gotten into your way on the trail.

With this Leatherman Multitool, you’ll be prepared for whatever situation arises.

Paracord Survival Bracelet

Is there any hiker or camper who doesn’t know about paracord? There are so many situations where having this strong cord on hand could really make a difference. 

Maybe you need to tie down your tarp to the rainfly, fix broken equipment like your pack’s hip belt buckle, or strap up wet clothes in the sun to dry. The possibilities are endless with paracord, and this survival bracelet is the perfect gift for every outdoor adventurer!

In addition to the paracord that can be used in an emergency, the bracelet also has a small flint to be used to start a fire, a small blade to cut things in an emergency, and a small compass in case you are lost, in addition to other hidden features.

Having a couple of these available while out exploring the outdoors definitely gives you a leg up on making it back home safe and sound.

Garmin Fitness Watch

A Garmin fitness tracker is a great gift for couples who like to keep track of their progress together. Garmin has come a long way over the last few years in development for these watches, and they do so many cool things! Check out the Garmin Instinct Solar.

This watch tracks your pace, distance, elevation – just about anything you could need as you head into the outdoors.

The best part? This smartwatch even comes with everything you need to track your pulse, sleep, and other fitness parameters – It’s so much more than just a watch. It also has solar charging capabilities, so you can easily charge on a sunny day in the backcountry.

The Garmin Enduro watch, although tailored to ultrarunners, provides some of the same capabilities including solar charging. The battery life is up to 80 hours while GPS tracking!

For tracking hikes and other outdoor adventures, Garmin typically does a great job with accuracy in the distance. They’re water resistant and they track so many other stats that how could you go wrong?

Gifts for Couples who Enjoy Photographing the Outdoors

When we head out on the trails to explore, we always have at least one camera in hand. Photography is such a great hobby and so versatile. Most people have the capabilities to get into basic hobby photography, and these gift ideas should help expand their capabilities.

Flexible Camera Tripod

Do you ever find yourself at a beautiful vista, waterfall, or any other scene, wanting to capture a photo of the two of you, with no other human to be seen for miles?

So what do you do? Try to prop your phone or camera awkwardly on a rock? Take a selfie that doesn’t do any justice to the beautiful scenery? Head home without any photos together?

These flexible tripods are perfect for outdoor adventure couples. Small and lightweight, they’re easy to toss in a daypack or even manage to carry for a multiday adventure.

The bendable legs form on any type of surface, including hillsides, rocks, or ledges. We’ve even been able to wrap the legs of the tripod around a fence post or a tree branch to snap a photo! It is a versatile piece of photography equipment, allowing you to be extremely creative when no one else is around to snap a photo.

Phone Photo Lens Kit

Looking to expand your photography skills, but don’t want to spend the money on a professional-grade camera? Are full-sized cameras too heavy for your tastes?

Check out these small phone photo lenses, which are easily packable, greatly expand phone photography capabilities, and allow you to take so many photos on the go!

There are quite a few options that can be purchased, but this particular one has great reviews and comes with a variety of lenses. Pack one, or pack them all!

Combine this with the tripod we previously mentioned, and you’ll be able to take great photos together, even when no one else is around. That’s always a challenge when on an outdoor adventure.

Portable Power Pack

Worried that you’ll run out of battery power just when you’re about to capture the best photo after a long hike? Throw this small, portable power pack in your bag.

It’s small, lightweight, and can be recharged quickly, so you can always have backup power for your phone.

It’s a great item to pick up and give as a gift because it is so versatile and can be used in all types of situations, from camping trips to hiking adventures, or even longer excursions with your other half.

Never miss a photo together as a couple with this power pack in your outdoor adventures.

The Best Food-Related Camping Gifts for Couples

For the couple who gets just as excited about the meal plans as the rest of the camping trip, these ideas are a great bridge between functional and fun.

Camping Stove and Mess Kit

Camping cooking equipment can be quite cumbersome to pack. Some stoves aren’t always compact and may not be very packable. This one, however, stores everything in the cooking pot, including bowls, cups, silverware, and stove burner.

This camping stove and kit is an excellent alternative! It has everything you need, all built-in (for easy cleanup). The whole package is less than 7 inches tall!

Make sure to pick up fuel canisters, and this perfect all-inclusive set for two will provide everything you need to fill your empty stomach on the go. Just be sure to grab enough fuel canisters for all of your meals.

You’ll never need another cooking utensil or mess kit after receiving this one.

Telescoping Cooking Sticks

Who doesn’t love s’mores? They’ll be even better with some chocolate and marshmallows roasted up over the campfire.

But for this to really happen, you need a pair of these telescoping cooking sticks.

These are awesome for being able to cook on an open fire while camping – no extra equipment needed!

Or use these telescoping cooking sticks to cook hot dogs or other meats for your next camping trip if you prefer a more traditional style of food while out exploring the outdoors.

Being telescoping, they’re small, light, and provide so much versatility in packing. You’ll still be able to make all the typical camp meals you desire.

Camping Meals

Do you like to keep a little variety? Want to cook up some delicious camping meals that aren’t hot dogs and pies?

Just because you are outdoors doesn’t mean you have to settle for less than tasty food. These meals are perfect for making your favorite foods while out exploring the outdoors.

Typically, each of these meals only requires boiling water. They’re really easy to cook, as you just dump the water into the insulated bag and let it sit. Each meal takes around 20-30 minutes to prepare, so these are a great source of energy for cooking on the go.

While we’ve had a couple that just aren’t our favorite meals, everything we’ve tried has been 100% edible. The desserts have also been a welcome addition to our camping menu.

Grab a variety box and try them all. That’s the only way to see which are your favorite! Best of all, they’re typically 2 servings. Perfect for you to share as an outdoor couple.

Campfire Cookbook

This campfire cookbook is the perfect way to add some spice to your meal planning while out exploring the outdoors, although this option does require a little more effort.

The recipes are great for all skill levels, making this a perfect gift for couples of all experience levels.

Campfires are typically great for cooking meals because it’s easier to make them tasty – You can’t beat the smoky flavor! Some of these recipes will spark some ideas for you beyond the typical hot dogs and s’mores.

Gifts to Use Around Camp (Fun & Function!)

Some of these gift ideas will make your life easier, especially if any unexpected issues arise while camping. Others, well, they’re just here for fun! That’s why we spend time outdoors and camping as a couple anyway, right?

12-in-1 Camp Scissors

Scissors come in so handy in so many situations, but can you really justify packing so many gadgets? Well, you can when they serve this many purposes!

These scissors can come in handy in at least 12 different circumstances.

Designed with outdoor adventurers and outdoor couples in mind, these scissors also include bottle and can openers, wrenches and a screwdriver, and even a tool for cleaning fish.

How more functional can you get? Use this tool to pack less, lighten your load, and enjoy your adventures more.

Camping Rope Lights

Need an easy way to get a little lighting around your campsite? These LED rope lights use minimal energy and give off just the right amount of light. Not too bright, but enough light to help you avoid tripping over that stray rock or stick on the ground.

We love using these when we’re camping together. It’s a nice little detail that doesn’t take much time or effort to add to your campsite, but it makes all the difference in terms of safety and ambiance!

Best of all, they are extremely packable and able to be rolled up and tucked into tight spaces.

Waterproof Playing Cards

Need something to pass the time while relaxing in the evenings at camp? Something to pass the time on rainy days in the outdoors? These waterproof playing cards are the perfect solution.

There are so many games to be played, ensuring that you won’t be bored or limited by the number of players. Card games exist for 1 player or unlimited numbers!

Have you ever tried to take a regular deck of cards on a hiking trip, only to get caught in an unexpected rainstorm? Well, let me tell you what happens. Some of the cards stick together; some turn to mush. Your entertainment plans will be derailed.

These waterproof playing cards will solve this worry and provide, cheap, packable, lightweight entertainment for couples or groups of any size.

A Bundle of Hand and Toe Warmers

Feeling a little chilly in the outdoor elements? These hand and toe warmers from Hot Hands are a great solution to keep your digits toasty.

Save time to cuddle up at night and use these throughout the day.

They’re good for about ten hours of heat, so it’s one of those items that can keep you cozy in a lot of different situations. Simply shake them to ignite the warmth in them and stuff them into your gloves, pockets, or even your socks.

The toe and feet warmers have adhesive sides which can be used to keep them in place on your socks.

Yeti Cooler Tote

Looking to splurge a little?

Not just a cooler, not just a tote. This is the best of both worlds and is going to be your go-to bag for all outdoor adventures.

This YETI Cooler Tote can be used as a backpack with adjustable straps or carried by hand with its sturdy top handle – perfect for two! Pack it for a day to include a picnic or a weekend of adventure.

This cooler tote is reinforced and should last for years to come. It’s a perfect gift!

Bluetooth Speaker

Outdoor speakers are great for sharing music around the campfire.

We’re huge Spotify users, so having some good quality outdoor Bluetooth speakers is a must for us.

These JBL speakers can easily be connected to your phone or other electronics via Bluetooth – no cables needed!

Alternatively, JBL offers a small, clip-on Bluetooth speaker, which is helpful for when you want to take it with you on a hike. This one is a perfect size to clip on the outside of your hiking day pack.

We’ve used ours so many times and they still work perfectly! A great addition if you enjoy some good tunes when you’re out exploring the outdoors together.

The best part? This one is waterproof, so no worries about any sudden rainstorms ruining this device.

Convertible Outdoor Blanket

This convertible blanket is great for couples who are either looking to get outdoors or are already outdoors.

It’s a large 4.5-foot x nearly 7-foot blanket that can be wrapped into a sleeping bag or used as an extra layer while camping in the colder months – It even comes with its own carrying case!

This blanket is also waterproof, so it’ll help keep you dry on those dewy mornings or when rain is in the forecast.

There are so many uses for this blanket it’s almost ridiculous, and we absolutely love that about this convertible blanket!

It has everything you need in one- comfort and the useability of an extra blanket. The carrying case makes it an easy thing to carry along even for a picnic or snack break while on an outdoor hike or adventure.

Gifts for Couples Who Wish to Have More Time Outdoors

Do you know a couple who spends most of their time planning their next camping adventure? These gift ideas could help bridge the gap between trips, and remind them of the outdoors in their home.

National Parks Foundation Calendar

Dreaming of outdoor adventures 365 days per year, but are you stuck inside most of the time? This calendar is a great way to enjoy the beautiful views in some of the best national parks of the US from your home.

In addition to the spectacular images on each calendar page, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. A portion of the profits is given back to the National Parks Conservation Association.

This is the best kind of gift! A good cause and some beautiful art on the wall. Use it to keep track of all of your upcoming trips and adventures for the new year.

Campfire Scented Candle

Stuck indoors and missing the smell of a campfire on a summer evening? Lucky for you, Woodwick has come up with this wood smoke-scented candle to remind you of that campfire you’re missing.

Instead of cozying up next to a real campfire, get a couple of these candles and enjoy it indoors.

It would have to be the next best thing to actually being able to be out there!

We’ve reached the end of our list and we hope you found it useful. If you know someone who likes to camp, hike, or backpack regularly with their significant other or even best friend, there are a number of great gift ideas for them in this post.

Our favorites include backcountry gear that can be used on long hikes or just for day trips into nature; car camping tools that will make preparing food easier at campsites with limited resources and leave any worries behind; and small items like a multitool pocket knife that is perfect for everyday tasks around camp as well as those unexpected moments when things break while out on an adventure.

Which idea do you find most interesting? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Looking to get out and use some of these gifts? The possibilities are endless!

Check out this guide to the National Lakeshores of the United States, head up to the Adirondacks and hike Mount Marcy, or backpack Isle Royale National Park.

These are just a few ideas to get your imagination going!