An Honest Omni Bedford Springs Resort Review (+Insider Tips from First-Hand Experience!)

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The Omni Bedford Springs Resort is a beautiful getaway spot in the south-central Pennsylvania countryside. Full of rich history and beautiful architecture, the Omni Bedford Springs Resort is the perfect hidden Pennsylvania destination for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

We want to give you an honest Omni Bedford Springs Resort review based on our stay, so you know if it’s worth visiting for you, too.

We were able to spend some time exploring the Bedford Springs Resort in November, and overall, we had a great time during our stay.

There are definitely some pros and some cons about the resort, and we’re here to share everything we found during our time there. We want to help you decide if a stay at this resort is for you, too!

Twilight view of Omni Bedford Springs Resort's historic building, with a brick-lined path leading to its grand white porch, nestled amidst late autumn foliage.
We enjoyed a walk along the front of the entire resort as the sun was setting.

Overall Opinion

From the moment you step foot onto the resort grounds, you’ll be hit with a feeling like you’re in another time.

Our stay at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort was an experience that exceeded our expectations. We didn’t know what to expect from a “resort” in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, but we were pleasantly surprised.

From the moment we stepped through the grand front doors, we were impressed by the elegant, historic architecture. It felt like we were walking through a window into the past.

The room we stayed in was spacious and comfortable, making it a perfect retreat after a day full of activities and exploring.

Speaking of activities, the resort offered so many options, so there was never a dull moment during our stay.

Whether you’re seeking a quick luxurious getaway or an active holiday, the Omni Bedford Springs Resort is a destination in itself that gives guests a wide range of options. It’s a hidden gem in south-central Pennsylvania that we can’t recommend enough.

Should You Stay at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort?


✔️ Beautiful architecture
✔️ Filled with history
✔️ Luxury spa services
✔️ Everything on site


✔️ Long drive from major cities
✔️ Not all amenities open daily
✔️ Spa books well in advance
Lots of walking

+ Pros +

We didn’t expect to find this architecture or scale in a more rural section of Pennsylvania. The town of Bedford has a cute little Main Street, but as we drove out of town, we weren’t sure what we were getting into.

As we rounded the corner, approaching the resort in our car, we were impressed by our first look at the grounds.

The historical charm of the buildings has been well-maintained, despite renovations. You’ll see as soon as you pull up to the front entrance.

This resort is also well-known for its spa, which offers a wide range of services. From massages to facials, the spa provides a relaxing experience during your stay.

Make sure you plan ahead, though, if you’d like to have a spa experience. The spa services do book up ahead of time and are not guaranteed even if you have a room.

The well-kept golf course provides a beautiful and challenging round for golfers. While we could have played a round during our November visit, we just ran out of time. The consensus from what we heard is that this course is not great for walkers, but it is still enjoyable to play.

The biggest pro of Omni Bedford Springs is the number of things to do, both on the resort grounds and in the surrounding area. There are plenty of activities nearby for those looking to venture off the resort, including water sports, shopping, and cultural attractions.

We loved exploring the town of Bedford and also ventured to nearby state parks and the Flight 93 National Memorial.

– Cons –

When planning your visit, look at the operating hours for activities or restaurants, if there is a particular one you hope to enjoy during your stay. Not every restaurant is open every day, and we weren’t able to enjoy all of them during our mid-week visit.

Also, if your goal is to enjoy spa services, these appointments are often booked weeks in advance. Make reservations as early as possible to secure a spot for your desired treatment. You might get lucky with a last-minute cancellation, but I wouldn’t count on it.

We also found that there was more walking required than we expected. Our room was near the far end of the spa side of the resort, and most dining options and the coffee shop were on the opposite end. Those who may need an assistive device to get around should make sure to bring it, although I’m sure hotel staff would also assist if needed.

Scenic balcony view overlooking the vibrant greens of the Bedford Springs golf course, with rolling Pennsylvania hills in the distance.
We weren’t super impressed with these views from our balcony. Especially because this is a cropped view. There were a couple of other balconies between ours and the end of the building.


The landscape of south-central Pennsylvania at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort is peaceful, and you might wrongly think that there isn’t much to do here.

You’ll have a bit of a drive to reach the state’s major urban centers like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. However, you are treated to scenic routes that wind through the beautiful Pennsylvania mountains and countryside.

This secluded location adds to the charm and exclusivity of the resort, making it an ideal weekend getaway destination for those looking to disconnect from urban life.

The road trip to Bedford is a small but beautiful price to pay for the peace and rejuvenation that the Omni Bedford Springs Resort offers.


When you arrive at our hotel, take advantage of the complimentary valet car service to make your arrival and departure as convenient as possible.

Most of the parking is located behind the hotel and is a distance I wouldn’t want to carry a suitcase. The valet was easy to use. Every member of the valet staff we interacted with was friendly and helpful.

Once you enter the hotel, you’ll find the check-in desk located to the right, through the lobby. It isn’t right when you walk in the front door. Actually, you can’t really see the desk at first. I was a little confused immediately after walking through the front doors but quickly figured out where to go.

Make your way the short distance to the right, through the lobby, where you will find check-in. The process was quick and easy.

While you’re checking in, take notice of the huge American flag hanging on the wall behind the desk. It’s the only known 39-star flag in existence, from 1865. The extra 3 stars were placed on the end, hoping there would soon be 3 new states to represent.


We booked a deluxe room with a private balcony, expecting to enjoy a peaceful view of the natural landscapes or even the hotel lawn. However, the reality was disappointing. Our balcony also included a view of the back of the fitness center building and the archery range.

This was the biggest disappointment of our stay at the Omni Bedford Springs.

The private balcony does have a view of the golf course to the left, which may be enjoyable for some, but it wasn’t worth the extra money for us.

Cozy guest room with a balcony at Omni Bedford Springs Resort featuring a plush king-sized bed, classic decor, antique style mirror, and a private balcony with outdoor views.
The room itself was spacious with a large bathroom. You can see the back of the pool house beyond our balcony.

The room itself was comfortable and clean, and the amenities were satisfactory. The bathroom was quite large with an extra vanity and stool that I used when getting ready for dinner. 

However, we couldn’t justify the additional cost for the private balcony with lackluster views.

Overall, if you want to enjoy your morning coffee with fresh air, you might enjoy the balcony. However, we’d recommend heading down to the front lawns and just enjoying one of the seating options there, instead.


The indoor pool is small but stunning. The ambiance of the pool area is reminiscent of a high-end spa, with its soft lighting, neutral colors, and crystal-clear water. The pool itself is well-maintained.

If you’re looking to swim laps for exercise, you won’t find Olympic-size or roped lanes. This is just a great place to simply relax with a good book in hand.

The elegant surroundings of the pool area create an atmosphere of indulgence, with comfortable loungers and soft towels available for your enjoyment.

Overall, the indoor pool provides a beautiful and upscale space for you to enjoy a luxurious and relaxing experience. You should make sure to spend some time here during your stay.

The luxurious indoor pool at Omni Bedford Springs Resort, with its calm blue waters, flanked by white columns and lounging areas under a classic architecture.
This indoor pool felt like it would be found somewhere in Europe, not tucked away in south-central PA.


Unfortunately, we were unable to experience any spa treatments during our visit due to our last-minute planning. (Hint! Hint! Book ahead of time!) Despite our best efforts, we weren’t able to secure a reservation in time. A spa is not usually one of the first things we seek out on our travels, so while it would have been a relaxing experience, we weren’t overly disappointed.

We heard great things from other guests who really enjoyed their treatments and experiences, though.

The spa seemed like the perfect place to unwind and recharge, and maybe next time we visit, we’ll be able to take advantage of it.

In the future, we will make sure to plan ahead and book spa appointments in advance.

While our trip was still enjoyable, it’s a reminder that proper planning is essential to fully enjoy all the amenities and activities this destination has to offer.

Activities On Site

During our visit, we had the opportunity to explore the on-site hiking trails, which was fun! The trails cross through a variety of landscapes. They’re relatively short compared to some of our favorite hikes, but you can’t beat the convenience of being right across the street from the resort.

There are well-maintained trails suitable for hikers of all levels, with both easy and more challenging routes to explore. We particularly enjoyed exploring the mineral springs, off to the right of the gazebo.

In addition to the hiking trails, there is a golf course, archery range, outdoor pool, tennis courts, and plenty of space for games on the front lawns.

Historic mineral spring flowing through a stone structure at Omni Bedford Springs Resort, surrounded by fallen autumn leaves, decorated with a lit wreath above.
This spring was a peaceful spot not far from the beginning of the trails.


During our recent trip, we found that not all restaurants were open every day. This disappointed us, as we had been hoping to try the food at the Steakhouse, only to find out that it was closed on the day we planned to visit.

The Crystal Room was open, but unfortunately, that menu wasn’t what we were hungry for. We were just looking for more basic “meat and potatoes” dishes rather than the more elegant cuisine served in the Crystal Room.

We ended up at the tavern instead. We will say, that the tavern did have decent food and was casual. While it didn’t blow us away, it was satisfying enough for a meal, and the portions were HUGE. The atmosphere was cozy and the service was friendly, so it made for a pleasant dining experience overall.

While you can’t get any food at the Lobby Bar, we also enjoyed the atmosphere sipping a drink in the lobby near a cozy fireplace. It was a great place to wait for a table to open up for dinner.

Close-up of an Omni Hotels & Resorts leather menu cover beside a half-finished pint of amber beer, representing the relaxed tavern dining at Omni Bedford Springs Resort.
We enjoyed a pint at the tavern.

Activities Nearby

If you find yourself in Bedford, Pennsylvania, you’re in for a treat as there are plenty of activities nearby to keep you entertained.

The streets of the town of Bedford are worth exploring, with their charming little shops and boutiques offering unique finds and local treasures. Taking a leisurely walk through the town and discovering quaint shops is a delightful way to spend a day.

Just a short drive away from Bedford is the Flight 93 Memorial, a touching and well-done tribute to the heroes of Flight 93. The memorial serves as a reminder of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, and honors the bravery of the passengers and crew who fought back against the hijackers.

We enjoyed both of these experiences while visiting the Omni Bedford Springs Resort, as well as visiting some nearby state parks.

Top Tips For Your Stay in Bedford Springs

First, take advantage of the resort’s many amenities. You’re paying for them, after all! From the world-class spa to the championship golf course, there’s so much you can enjoy that you’re already paying for with your stay. There are also plenty of outdoor activities, such as hiking and biking, to explore the scenery surrounding the resort.

In terms of accommodations, there is a range of options, from cozy rooms to spacious suites. No matter what type of room you choose, you can expect luxurious furnishings and modern amenities that will make your stay comfortable and convenient.

As great as exploring the resort is, take some time to explore the surrounding area, too. The resort is located near several historic sites and charming towns, so be sure to venture out and discover at least a few local attractions.

Bright and elegant shopping corridor inside Omni Bedford Springs Resort, lined with boutique stores, ornate rugs, and classic hanging lanterns.
Spend some time in the little specialty shops located in the corridor connecting the spa to the lobby.

FAQs when booking at the Bedford Springs Resort

If you’re considering a stay at the luxurious Omni Bedford Springs Resort, you likely have some questions. Here are a few that we had before and during our stay.

When was Omni Bedford Springs Resort built?

The first building of the resort, the Stone Building, was built in 1806. It is still a part of the historical side of the resort today.

What is the cancellation policy for reservations at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort?

The cancellation policy varies depending on the type of reservation and the rate booked.
Be sure to review the specific terms and conditions at the time of booking to understand the cancellation policy

Does the Omni Bedford Springs allow pets?

You are welcome to bring your pet with you on your getaway to Bedford Springs. If you do choose to do so, you’ll only have a choice of rooms in the Anderson Building. These are the furthest rooms from the central hub on the historic side of the hotel. The suites are not pet-friendly.
Pamper your pets with a special food menu, developed by the chefs to spoil your companion!
You should also know that there is a cleaning fee of $150 to $175 per stay, depending on the size of your pet.

What presidents have stayed at Bedford Springs Resort?

12 U.S. Presidents have spent time at this resort, seven of these while in office. These include:

  • James K. Polk
  • Andrew Jackson
  • John Tyler
  • Zachary Taylor
  • James Buchanan
  • James Garfield
  • William H. Taft.
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • William Henry Harrison
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Ronald Reagan
  • George W. Bush


If you’re going to plan a stay here, you should plan for the extra resort fees in addition to the rate charged for your room. The fees aren’t just a couple of dollars. We don’t want you to be surprised by them on your bill.

The fee is $39 + 8 percent applicable taxes, per room, per day. This resort fee covers all the amenities included in your stay in one, so you don’t have to be concerned about paying for every activity.

These services also include your valet parking, internet access throughout the resort, the coffee and bottled water in your room, use of the fitness center and pools, and electronic newspaper or delivery upon request.

Our stay at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort was wonderful. Not knowing what to expect before we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised.

As one of a handful of stunning properties in Pennsylvania alongside renowned establishments like Nemacolin near Ohiopyle, the Omni Bedford Springs Resort is a perfect getaway in rural Pennsylvania. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of historic architecture, the comfort of spacious accommodations, or need a comfortable reprieve along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, this is where you should visit.